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Hey friends!

The name is Kali, pronounced "Kaylee". 


I'm a photographer, duh. But I'm also a wife and mother & that's what I pride myself on the most. My husband, Kenny, and I have two beautiful babes. Rowan & Scout. Both were born prematurely due to severe preeclampsia, but that's a story for another day. 


I shoot literally everything. Being creative sparks something inside of me that brings me pure joy. Whether that's being creative behind my camera or working on a random project. 
Finding happiness in everyday things changed my life.


Before pursuing photography full time, I worked in the aerospace industry, XRAYing ginormous, titanium jet engine parts along with some military and NASA parts. 
I hated working for someone else in a job that brought me little to no joy.

But the real reason I fell head first into photography was because being away from my son after I had him absolutely killed me. I knew from the beginning of motherhood that I needed to do something different that allowed me to spend more time with my son and set up my future to be able to raise my babies at home.

I'm pretty basic, let's chug a beer.

Don't quit your daydream

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Contact me

Tel: 541-250-2463


Willamette Valley, Oregon


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