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Disney Micro Wedding

When planning your wedding you start with the basics. A color scheme, a theme, what florals you'll have. Maybe you want a western wedding, a boho wedding or JUST MAYBE you want a DISNEY WEDDING. What?! I know, right. An actual fairytale.

This wedding was a reality for one of my sweet couples in 2020. Every table was different & every table was based off of an iconic Disney movie. Talk about creative! And every decorative piece was perfectly placed, pulling together this theme in a beautiful and classy way.

There are so many ways to make your wedding stand out and be unique and this couple KILLED it with uniqueness! They even had Mickey Mouse skeleton keys that doubled as bottle openers as party favors for the guests of their micro wedding!

All in all, this wedding gets a 10/10 from me for taking a less traditional approach!

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