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Mr. & Mrs. Palmer's Boho-Chic Micro Wedding

Kyle & Erin had planned a big wedding, in a beautiful ballroom, with all of their friends and family. Due to YOU-KNOW-WHAT, plans had to change a bit. They ended up deciding on a beautiful, elopement-like micro wedding. They invited their parents, grandparents and siblings and said "I DO" shortly before sunset with the vineyards behind them. And if I had to say, it TURNED OUT PERFECTLY.

Everything went off without a hitch! Their vows were handwritten & so incredibly sentimental, deep and moving. (I may have a cried a tad..) Erin put so much thought into every little detail and it showed. Including all of her florals! She went with a wild flower theme that matched her boho details perfectly.

Their wedding was one that I will always be grateful that I got to be a part of!

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